Onsite Campus

Coming Soon. An expanded campus.

Due to our overwhelming demand and rapid expansion, we require a bigger campus. Al Kamaliyyah needs to raise funds to purchase or build our new proof of concept campus.

Onsite campus features include:

  • Classes to cater for existing functions
  • State of the art media room
  • Nursery and After School Club
  • Play area
  • Carpark
  • Segregated facilities and entrance
  • Resource rooms for year 7 to University Students
  • Youth Centre and counselling
  • Library
  • Drug rehabilitation unit


Al Kamaliyyah’s Onsite Campus needs to raise circa £500,000 for a new state of the art campus.

We are working with an integrated and highly qualified construction and procurement arm and consulting great scholars and shuyookh to define our vision and find a suitable building or plot of land.

Please help nurture our youth of today as leaders of tomorrow by donating generously.

You can donate by sending funds
directly to our account:




You can pay by card which will deduct (1.4% + 20p) for European cards and (2.9% + 20p) for non-European cards from the amount you donate. This deducted amount is paid to Stripe (the company we use for card payments).




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